This Platform Changes The Way You Think About  Sales Via Email

If You Sell Something,  You Need This Never Before Seen Innovative Tool.



vidMSGs allows you to record & send personalized video messages via Email/SMS.

Step 1:  Record Your Video Message

Step 2:  Create Your Video Message

Final Step :  Send Your Message Via Email/SMS or Simply Share Link

Your Client Can View The Message Via Computer OR Mobile


Includes:    Request A Call Feature,   Call To Action Text,   Tap To CallTap To SMS

Track & Get Notified When Client Opens or Plays the Video Message.

Examples of Usage:

1.  Follow up Email/SMS

2.  Closing a deal with client

3.  Sending 

Robust Reseller Panel :  Control Everything*

* You can change their Plans, Enable/Disable Accounts , Change their Logins, Limit # of Messages/SMS etc

VidMsg uses Twilio For SMS

Twilio Charges $1 per month per phone number & $0.0075 per sms.    That's not even a penny.   For 1,000 SMS, it would cost $7.5 USD.

There is no need to purchase a new number.  You can use your existing Twilio Number &  This feature is OPTIONAL.

Why You Should Buy This?

vidMSGs will help you set yourself apart from YOUR COMPETITION by letting you send personalized video message via EMAIL & SMS.  It also let you track who opened or played the video message as well.

Your clients are more likely to respond to you & purchase from you because of this face to face interaction.    Platform also lets clients request a call from you,  Tap to call & Tap To SMS, making it easy for clients to get in touch.


Lastly,  This is offered at such a low price that you should not miss out on this.

It's NOT 100% Affiliate Comm. Where The Seller Steals Your Buyer's Email
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